New Model for 2014

Introducing The Ipad 5 in 1!

100% Brand New
Function: New Innovative Device - Transfer Pictures and Video direct to Apple Ipad to view it on gorgeous Ipad Screen using camara's USB cable or directly from SD (HC), TF, MS, M2, MMC Card.
The Ipad and camera connection kit support JPEG, RAW formats and more.
Supports external input when connecting normal USB keyboard to Ipad.

How to Use:

-Connect Ipad with the products :) 30 pin ipad connector compatible with Ipad1 , Ipad2 , Ipad3.
-8 pin Ipad connector compatible with Ipad4 ,Ipad5 ,Ipad air ,Ipad Mini.
-Photos in digital camera or videos can be uploaded to the iPad computer directly; quick and easy connection method. You can connect with the combo USB interface directly through the camera data cable when the camera is turned on. Then the combo products switch to the USB division and you have to wait three to five seconds before the ipad appear with photos or video files which you can easily upload.
-Remove the USB device, the camera SD card insert into SD slot of the combo product, and then switch to the SD portion and wait 3-5 seconds, then you can upload the SD Card named "DCIM folder"
-If photos or videos can not be seen, please check the photos and video formats to see if they are Ipad supported. Currently Ipad supports JPGEG, TIFF, and GIF format images.
Videos are supported for the formats: Mp4 or MOV. IF you have a video in another format please convert to either Mp4 or MOV.

30 pin ipad connector compatible with Ipad1 , Ipad2 , Ipad3.